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The basics of making more sales from your work on New Art Gallery. Make sure you cover the basics, your offering is up to date and attractive to attract new buyers. Ensure buyers are able to find you and that you share, share and share again on social media.
Neil Baglow Portrait

How developing your online personality will help sell your work!

Hiding your light under a bushel may appeal to some people’s sense of modesty, but it won’t create the circumstances for you and your work to be recognised and, most importantly, enhance the chances of making a sale.

This advice is not about blowing your own trumpet either. It’s simply about doing some fundamental and straightforward things which will create the opportunities you as an artist deserve, but which are too often overlooked.

Make sure you cover the basics

People buy art from people. The process is not like buying a washing machine online!

So make sure your buyers get the story. Work on your artist’s statement, biography, training, commissions, motivation to produce your work, professional looking headshot, high quality digital images, and any other information that makes you unique.

For more info on this, check out our previous New Art Gallery “The more you tell the more you sell” blog.

We can help you with this (if you want) by just having a chat.

See the picture and get the story!

Make sure your work is properly presented

It’s vital that your online portfolio looks good and does you justice.

And that’s what New Art Gallery is here for, so that you can concentrate on producing your best work without worrying about the minutae of creating and maintaining your online gallery.

For buyers we constantly strive to make New Art Gallery easy to use, informative, professional looking, credible – and trustworthy in the purchasing process.

Which are all things which will reflect well on you and your work and give buyers peace-of-mind.

Make it easy for potential buyers to connect

Make sure your contact details are easy to find and follow.

As we said above, people buy art from people. They might just want reassurance about you as a person, to ask a question about a particular piece of work, to tell other people that they have in some way made a connection with the artist, or perhaps even to discuss a commission!

Always be prepared to respond. Developing relationships creates sales in any type pf product transaction – and no more true than in the visual arts. And remember the old adage that 80% of your sales will come from just 20% of your clients!

Use email, phone, contact form, social media etc. Don’t shut the door on any potential avenue.

Make sure your offering is up-to-date and comprehensive

The more work you show the greater your chances of making a sale. Simple but true.

So get into the habit of sending New Art Gallery images of your work as soon as you have completed it – see it almost as the final step in making the piece.

It might just be the very work that someone is searching for that day.

Remember that there is no time like the present and there’s always a premium on doing things right away.

Make sure they’re able to find you

When writing about your work in any form of digital communication remember to use key words to ensure Search Engine Optimisation – SEO as it’s called.

These are the key words – and increasingly and very importantly phrases – which buyers use when searching for artwork online. Google will pick up these words and phrases you use in writing about yourself and your work which will help direct these searches to your own New Art Gallery online gallery.

So use words which describe the mediums you use (eg oil, acrylic, watercolour, tempera, gouache, mixed media, print -etchings, woodcuts, screenprints, digital art etc).

Say if you concentrate on landscapes, seascapes, portraits, or execute in abstract, representational or photo-realism styles, for example, and define whether you are an artist or photographer, of course. Size is often important too!

Don’t just describe the subject and what inspired you. These are important but get the essential key words over first.

SEO takes time, months or even years, but it will pay off in the end.

Share and share alike!

You need to be constantly proactive if you want to establish a reputation and create sales.

It’s no good just putting your work up and expecting buyers to beat a path to your door.

At New Art Gallery we do this for you via social media, for example.

We’re extremely active on all forms of social media on which we constantly promote and talk about our members’ work and activities. We cover Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Pinterest and Linkedin amongst others.

And we are testing our first paid-for advertising campaigns on these and on Google.

But don’t forget that you too can also do this on social media whenever you get the opportunity. Share your work, news and comment (nicely!) about other people’s, and they will often do the same for you. And that way we all benefit.

Another good thing to do is to always flag up your New Art Gallery presence on your email sign off, business cards and exhibition leaflets.


Richard Henry Baglow by Neil Baglow

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