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Pam Matthews - Ceramics

Pams' relationship with ceramics is very much therapeutic and the actual process of making remains the most important aspect for her. All the proceeds, after direct costs, for Pam's sales are being donated to local charity CreateBolton.

All Pam's Profits are donated to local charity CreateBolton

Fatemeh Farahani

The emphasis of Fatemeh's art is on expressing emotions through painting, along with demonstrating the possibilities of different forms and textures. She experiments with colours and uses both print, oil, acrylic and mixed media. Fatemeh has had more than 20 exhibitions in Iran & the UK.

Gerry Halpin MBE PPMAFA

Paring back, simplifying down to compositional verticals or horizontals, sometimes knifed, on related colour, suggestive of the journey, with enigmatic focal points representing pools, bushes, gates or buildings, is the intention of Gerry's present painting. Gerry is widely collected and his work appears in many UK galleries.

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