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Malcolm Taylor Avatar 2
'Five Fat Figs' . Malcolm Taylor.A Limited Edition Print.

Taylor is an artist based in the northwest of England. He has exhibited widely throughout the British Isles, including The Royal Academy Summer Show, The Mall Galleries and galleries as far apart as Plymouth and Glasgow.

His inspiration is drawn from many sources but particularly from images gathered from his travels around the UK, especially to St. Ives in Cornwall. Many of his paintings come from observing shapes within the landscape and seeing how these can progress to a fully abstract image. However, he doesn’t restrict himself to working in one particular medium and continually swtches between acrylics, collage and both soft and oil pastels depending on what he’s trying to achieve.

The end result is what’s important and he will use unconventional methods to achieve a spontaneous and lively painting.

Taylor is a member of The Royal Society of British Artists, The Pastel Society and is currently President of Manchester Academy of Fine Art.

'The Parklands'. Margaret Hughlock. Acrylic with textural details

Welcome to our new member Margaret Hughlock. 

Hughlock trained in textile design and fashion design at Bolton College of Art. She was employed originally in the textile industry and worked for the UK’s leading manufacturer, creating household textiles for Dorma and many leading store brands including the Mary Quant range which Margaret launched in Japan. Later working within the commercial interiors market and evening wear with hand painted and embroidered details.

She now works from her studio on the Lancashire coast creating sculptural works of art for High Street galleries and paintings for the print market in the UK, Italy and USA. Her paintings are distinctive for their unique sculptural qualities and additional embossed foil technique, combined with the use of strong acrylic colour themes. Her subject matter varies from still life imagery to abstract and figurative works.

Each foil is hand cut, painted and laid down on a decorated back panel to form a beautiful distinctive 3D painting.

'Sunset Over Astley Park'. Dee Lister. Framed Fine Art Print.

Lister is a self-taught photographer who enjoys exploring sensory experiences and experimental concepts, often using nature as a lens for articulating ideas.

Her background is in psychology (BSc, MSc, PhD) and she loves mixing media. Her images are often accompanied by poetic prose. You’ll find her work on her website ‘What Dee Sees’ and social media accounts.

Lister is part of a number of groups, including the ‘Creativity Beyond the Camera Club’ and ‘Shutter Hub’ international community of creative photographers.

Enjoy sharing what ‘Dee Sees’ by clicking the link to her gallery.

'Large Hand Thrown & Decorated Bowl. by Pam Matthews
Large Hand Thrown Decorative Dish. Pam Matthews.

Mathews’ relationship with ceramics is very much therapeutic and the actual process of making remains the most important aspect. However, She is becoming more involved and enthralled with layering oxides and glazes – which is – for want of a better word – “alchemy”.

Each bowl is hand-thrown using a stoneware clay, then sculpted and altered to create lines and textures which suggest landscapes. After first firing, she applies glazing materials in a painterly fashion, layering to build up depth of colour and effects.

Her stoneware tiles are more obviously inspired by a love of the stunning coastlines of Scotland and the Western Isles. Although she does sometimes refer to images from her visits when designing each tile, Mathews uses incisions, lines and building up textures to represent natural features. Again, after firing each tile is decorated using a wide range of oxides, washes and glazes to create depth, tonal effects and still more tactile qualities with the intention of evoking memories of a well-loved time and place.

Artists who have recently added new work to their galleries

Tide 1. Original acrylic textured painting by Margaret Hughlock.

Margaret Hughlock

Original paintings with textured overlays resulting in a unique sculptural effect. Fine art prints and hand embellished prints too.

Lyme Park. Framed fine art print by Kate Collins

Kate Collins

Original paintings and distinctive hand painted pottery. Kate has work in many private collections both, national and international.

West Burton Falls. A photograph by Stephen Knowles

Stephen Knowles

Stephen's passion is photography and he runs tuition courses (one to one) around Ingleton and the Yorkshire Dales where he lives.

Umbellifers, a limited edition of 15 prints by Malcolm Taylor

Malcolm Taylor

Malcolm has exhibited widely throughout the British Isles. He is a member of The Royal Society of British Artists, The Pastel Society and the Manchester Academy of Fine Art.

Daisy Chain, a photograph by Dee Lister

Dee Lister

Dee is a photographer who also loves to mix media to use nature as a lens to articulate her ideas. She backs up the images with poetic prose.

Winter Walk. Lisa Joli Art. Float framed fine art print.

Lisa Joli Art

Lisa says "It's a pleasure to think that my art is on other people’s walls bringing them a sense of calm and well-being through that wonderful seaside vibe"

'Stormy Day on Winter Hill', Colin Callon

Colin Callon

Although he worked in oil and pastel his favourite medium was watercolour treated in a broad and free style. The influence of the Impressionists is apparent but his favourite artists were Singer Sargent, Russell Flint, Wyeth, David Cox and Peter de Wint.

Moorland: Bare Trees, Gerry Halpin, framed fine art print

Gerry Halpin

Painting every day in my studio is an absolute delight, an opportunity to express creatively, almost abstractly, the wonderment that I see in the world around. Gerry's art is widely collected and he is many galleries throughout the UK.

Tight Finish. An original acrylic painting by George Horsfield

George Horsfield

George is am often drawn towards portraying a simple but emotional narrative in his paintings. Many are local and historical events and venues.

Rugged Moor. Fine art print by Rosie Rimmer

Rosie Rimmer

Rosie takes her inspiration from the beautiful surrounding countryside of Rivington and trips to the Scottish Islands in The Hebrides, Rosie paints in watercolour, acrylic and mixed media.

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