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Controlling Product Visibility

This feature is available within your Store Manager control panel.

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Catalog Visibility:

Sets where and how each product is accessed and seen on the website. 

Catalogue Visibility Settings

Control Panel Help

Catalogue Visibility can be set whenever a new product is added using the drop-down labeled ‘Catalog visibility:’ Catalogue Visiblity can be changed by selecting the edit button next to the product and making the changes under the ‘Catalog visibility’ drop-down. Don’t forget to press the Submit button at the bottom right of the screen to save the changes.

The options shown are:

  • Search results only – the product will be publicly shown only in search results, menu links and dedicated pages (de-clutters your own shop but allows the product to be visible elsewhere)
  • Shop only – the product will be shown to the public on your own shop page only (selling only from your own shop and not visible elsewhere)
  • Hidden – the product will be hidden from public view but can still be accessed by a direct link which you can share with others (Great for private commissions or sharing with collaborators / friends / groups)
  • Shop and search results – the product is publicly visible throughout the website with no restrictions (the default for most)

Password access can also be set within your WordPress product editing area.


Login to your control panel (Store Manager) and select the menu link 'Products'


Choose the edit button for the product you wish to edit


Move down the side panel till you find the drop down titled 'Catalog Visibility'


Select the option you want to display and update the product by pressing the 'Update' button

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