We are looking for new artists, craftspeople and photographers too!

New Art Gallery for buyers and collectors

New Art Gallery provides an online platform for creative people with your own shop front within a carefully managed web environment.

By joining New Art Gallery’s community you will receive:

  • Your own gallery shop display space
  • A control panel to manage your shop, control the look and feel, add, delete new artworks and personalise the settings
  • As much back up support as you need to manage your work. From complete independence to using our back up support to handle it all for you
  • Alerts for all events such as orders, visitor enquiries or admin issues
  • Statistics and order tracking on a panel management home page
  • Direct messaging to our administrators and moderators
  • Links to your own website, social sites and outside galleries
  • Regular features on our front page
  • Regular, targetted marketing of products by marketing professionals
  • and lots more ….
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