What we offer at New Art Gallery

New Art Gallery is a lively online gallery for creative work offering original art, high quality prints and crafts from artists, photographers and craftspeople
Our goal is to connect buyers to Artists and designers in all mediums.
So we actively promote New Art Gallery via direct marketing, networking, online strategies and social media activities.
If you’re a new or established artist, photographer or craftsperson and have found selling your work a challenge through conventional channels, then New Art Gallery could be your answer.
Because with us, you’ll have the opportunity to present and eventually sell your work to a much greater audience. And get the recognition you deserve!

What you get with New Art Gallery

Your own easy to use and manage  Mini Gallery Store to exhibit and sell online up to 20 of your art works with unlimited edits and updates and full technical support always available.
Secure, on line payment system through Paypal or Stripe.
Active marketing via the website and social media.

What it costs

To display your work all we ask is a £25.00 a year membership fee, payable on joining, which allows up to 20 pieces of work to be shown, and then just 15% commission on any sale.
Which beats hands down any conventional gallery or outlet!

Optional  Yearly Extras

  • 20 extra works: +£20pa
  • 40–100 extra work: +£35pa
  • Simple website: +£25pa
  • Full e-Commerce website (we can do this for you): +£75pa