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  • 'Barn Owl' by Pamela Wakefield'Barn Owl' by Pam Wakefield, framed
  • 'Cute Owl' by Pam Wakefield'Cute Owl' by Pam Wakefield
  • 'Flowers and Bees' by Pamela Wakefield'Flowers and Bees' by Pamela Wakefield
  • 'Hares Run Free' by Pamela Wakefield'Hares Run Free' by Pamela Wakefield, framed for illustration only
  • 'Little Owl' by Pam Wakefield'Little Owl' by Pam Wakefield on wall
  • 'Old Town' by Pamela Wakefield'Old Town' by Pamela Wakefield
  • 'Rusty Old Boat' by Pamela Wakefield'Rusty Old Boat' by Pamela Wakefield, framed
  • 'Smoke City' by Pamela Wakefield'Smoke City' by Pamela Wakefield on wall
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