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Special Collections

Landscape Collection by Neil Baglow

Landscapes are said to be the perfect subject matter for artists and photographers

Neil Baglow - New Art Gallery Team Member
Neil Baglow – New Art Gallery Team Member
The Heathers Out by Pat Richardson
‘The Heathers Out’ – Pat Richardson

The vibrant colours and textures that nature offers give landscape painters and photographers an infinite palette of ideas to explore.
Landscape art can transport the viewer to another time and place, not only to see the world through another’s eyes but to also enjoy their stylistic interpretation of nature.

We’ve put together a short selection of popular landscapes by our New Art Gallery members showcasing their astonishing range of styles and effects.

Of course, you’ll also find many more landscapes in our individual members’ galleries.

Neil Baglow

new art gallery

Other selections from Neil Baglow

'Soilva Harbour' by Lynda Griffiths (Lynartwales)
‘Solva Harbour’ by Lynda Griffiths (Lynartwales)
Nightime in Argentina. An original painting by George Horsfield
Nightime in Argentina by George Horsfield

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