Supporting regional artists, crafters and photographers.
And sharing their artwork with you!
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Framed prints by Rosie Rimmer
Framed prints by Rosie Rimmer

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Showcasing UK artists, craftworkers and photographers
A place for buyers, collectors and enthusiasts to support, view and discover new, emerging and established talent.

New Art Gallery brings a fresh approach to selling and buying art.

We are a unique web gallery, marketplace & community for artists, crafters, photographers, art buyers & art lovers.

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New Art Gallery artwork on display
New Art Gallery artwork on display


Your own online gallery or website with real-time, human support!


A chance to discover, meet and support new and established artists on their journey.

New Art Gallery

The link that brings you both together in the comfort of your home, office or studio.

Margaret Ruaux Avatar
Margaret Ruaux

Margaret Ruaux

(Digital Artist) Social Media

Neil Baglow - New Art Gallery Team Member
Neil Baglow

Neil Baglow

(Artists) Marketing

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David Ruaux

David Ruaux

(Photographer) Web Site

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