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Members Fulfilment Guide

Oz. Framed fine art print in situ

Artist Members Fulfillment Guide


As a NEW ART GALLERY ARTIST MEMBER in addition to selling your original paintings, you can also use a copy of the image from your original work to create several other products to sell:-


Fine Art Prints – Framed and Unframed

Canvas Wall Art


These products will be fulfilled by NEW ART GALLERY and posted directly to your customer so there will be no work for you to do.

The customer will make payment to NEW ART GALLERY who will cover all ordering, printing, packaging and posting costs.

NEW ART GALLERY will pay you 30% commission on the Purchase Price after deduction of carriage costs..


We have set out prices for all these additional products, in a variety of sizes and including postage in the UK, which can be seen in the drop down menu next to the image.

The prices have taken into account production costs, our admin time, post & packing as well as your commission level. If you feel the prices we have set out need raising for your images we are happy to adjust them.

If you are offering limited edition prints then there would also be a higher selling price to the normal print price.

Ullswater Reflections by Stephen Knowles in room

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