The New Art Gallery has been evolving over the last two months – creating and developing our website and social media platforms and we already have several Gallery Member Creatives who have joined us with their shops up and running.

The New art Gallery was conceived and developed by three fellow creatives who recognised the need for a simple means for artists, photographers and craftspeople to get their work online and widely shown to buyers and enthusiasts.

We will actively market New Art Gallery via social and traditional media so that your work reaches that ever-growing audience who are enthusiastic about investing in art, photography and craftwork. And that’s included in your membership.

The Community consists of three main parts:


Is where selected work from our members is regularly showcased and highlighted. It is usually the landing page and first contact for new visitors to New Art Gallery.


Is where you will find each artist’s, photographers & crafters work displayed for sale in their own online shop.


Is a lively community of like-minded people who share an enthusiasm for making, buying & appreciating art, photography and craftwork. It is where creators, buyers and enthusiasts can talk together, exchange news, discuss and share ideas and thoughts, pick up hints and tips, and learn about workshops, events and exhibitions etc.

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