This is your own online shop on New Art Gallery website where you can showcase and sell your artworks

Your Gallery Control Panel is the heart of your online gallery. 

It enables you to access your Gallery on New Art Gallery as an Admin.

Here you can upload your artwork images, add, remove, change and amend your artworks, descriptions, prices etc at any time.

 Also, you are able to add personal stories of your art journey – your ideas, your artworks, exhibitions etc to share with the website visitors and members. You can send and receive messages, view any questions visitors may have about your work, change the look and feel of your gallery, keep an eye on sales and commissions and arrange payments.

You can find your Control Panel link on the top bar and in the footer link section on every page of the website. It's labelled 'Store Manager' and will bring up the login page. Use the 'Lost Your Password' if you have forgotten your password.

You can cancel your New Art Gallery Membership subscription at any time.

Cancellation will be effective immediately. No further payments will be requested and the gallery will be removed on the next payment date.


We give as much help as you need to get your Gallery started.

We will show you how to use the Control Panel, and also advise you on other things such as :-
Photographing your artworks, Uploading images, Writing a Bio, Writing Descriptions for your artworks, Pricing , Key Words etc.

NOTE – The photographs of your artworks are key to the success of your Gallery sales, as they are the only thing the buyer has to go off- unlike in a physical gallery. It is so important that you take the best shots you can.
( See our ‘Member’s Guide to Photographing Your Artwork’ ) for guidance.
If you don’t feel confident enough with your photography skills, then you may need to find a friend who does, or even invest in the services of a professional photographer.

 For Bronze Level Members who don’t want to get involved with the technical side of creating their Gallery using the Control Panel, we will set it up for you.

We will set your Gallery up for you with the first 8 artworks you have chosen to sell.

Once you send us the photos of your artworks, we will create your

Gallery - uploading your images and adding your bio, titles, and descriptions etc.
At any time when you want to replace any of the original 8 artworks  with new work then we are happy to do this for you but there would be an additional charge of £2 per artwork to cover our time adding these to your Gallery.

 Once your Gallery is live, you will be introduced and welcomed as a New Art Gallery Member on the website and on New Art Gallery’s social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.

The number of artworks available for sale in your Gallery at any one time. You can remove and replace these as often as you choose.

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