From being a young boy, I’ve often walked around Rivington and been enthralled by its varied and rich beauty .The changes brought about by the seasons and the weather, ensures that the landscape is always interesting and that the Barns, the woodlands, the reservoirs, the high moors and Rivington Pike each provide a focal point for my painting. These are my ingredients and as an artist and resident of the area, I never tire of going out drawing and painting in Rivington. 

My travels outside the area have also been inspiring and finding new subject matter and ways of responding to them have enriched my art. I enjoy sitting quietly and unobtrusively drawing people, not in the portrait sense but as clusters of exciting images, shapes even, quickly drawn then painted back in the studio, always aiming to retain the initial spontaneity of those fleeting café moments. 

Travelling further afield to places such as Mauritius, Madagascar, Zambia, Borneo and Australia afforded me that ‘eureka moment’ of ‘seeing’ the landscape in an entirely different way than what I was more familiar with when painting Rivington. 
Seeing the world from above rather than being in it and looking across, brought an exciting new challenge in ways of observing and recording the landscape. Looking down on the world meant that I could see the ordinary features of a landscape in an extraordinary way and I had to find new methods of painting in order to represent that new perspective. These unique paintings, which I thoroughly enjoy creating, have opened up new areas of success for my artistic career. New collectors, prestigious exhibition venues and winning major prizes, have all encouraged me to continue developing this work whilst still enjoying drawing groups of people and painting the immediate area of Rivington. 

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