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New Art Gallery

Rivington and West Pennine Moors

Rivington and the West Pennine Moors explore Rivington through the eyes of our Artists take a look at the marvellous sites and spots of RIVINGTON Rivington Pike is a prominent landmark standing on the edge of Winter Hill. It is…

Featured Artists June 2022

Betts Corrigan Featured Artists Bets Corrigan’s New Art Gallery >> Rosie Rimmer Featured Artists Rosie Rimmer’s New Art Gallery >> Margaret Hughlock Featured Artists Margaret Hughlock’s New Art Gallery>> Stephen Knowles Featured Artists Stephen Knowles New Art Gallery >>

Greetings Cards

New Art Gallery Fine Art Greetings Cards

| | Quick View ‘Washing Day’ Kate Collins. Open Fine Art Card. £2.70 | | Quick View ‘Merry Go Round’ Kate Collins. Open Fine Art Card. £2.70 | | Quick View ‘Flying with the Birds’ Kate Collins. Open Fine Art…

All Landscape Pictures

Ullswater Reflections by Stephen Knowles in room

Landscape Pictures ‘Purple Mountain’, Rosie Rimmer. Framed fine art canvas print. This wonderful free-flowing interpretation of a mountain scene was painted… View Here >> Rosie Rimmer Art ‘Umbellifers’, Malcolm Taylor. Limited Edition of 15 Fine Art Prints. Mounted and Framed.…

Membership Benefits

Artists Brushes

JOIN HERE >> NEW ART GALLERY 2021  MEMBERSHIP LEVELS COMPARISON TABLE  BENEFITS The chart shows the benefits available to members on the Bronze, Silver and Gold Membership Levels. For each Level there is a differentiation with the number of products…

Marketplace – Catalogue Visibility

MarketPlace Help Controlling Product Visibility This feature is available within your Store Manager control panel. Login to access your control panel Control Panel Login is HERE >> Catalog Visibility: Sets where and how each product is accessed and seen on…

New Campaign

Colin Callon Abstract Art

New Art Gallery are producing a series of ads to market the members and showcase their work. This format will usually feature the work of up to three members and there will be links to each members gallery. This is…