Anne Slater

Hello, my name is Anne and I absolutely love wool, wet felting and needle felting. My artwork is a combination of all three.
The coast of Anglesey was the initial inspiration for the first feltwork piece I produced – the sea, the sand, the countryside – all provided the perfect backdrop to inspire colour, texture and design ideas.
Wet Felting is an ancient technique, dating back from approximately 2,000 years ago, in which wool fibres are matted together to create an unwoven textile. The process uses water, soap and agitation to interlock and compact the wool fibres together.
Needle Felting ( or Dry Felting ) uses barbed needles to stab and tangle the wool fibres together.
The beauty of Wet Felting can be interpreted in many ways by the viewer.

I hope you enjoy browsing my felted artwork.

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