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Adam Riley

I used to be a Forensic Scientist. After 9 hugely enjoyable years of microscopes, fibres and Deoxyribonucleic Acid (aka DNA), I decided to follow my dream. I’ve been a full-time wedding photographer for the past 9 years.

Based in Cheshire, on the outskirts of Manchester, I live with my wife Laura, our boys Noah + Lev and our fluffball of a dog Quorra.

I’m a street photographer, I love to look for unexpected moments and capture everyday life. Whether that’s travelling to experience different cultures, or documenting our family life. I love framing life in my viewfinder. My wedding work is an extension of my passion.

Named in the top 25 wedding photographers in the world in 2018, I am a longstanding member of the Wedding Photojournalistic Association.