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Why join New Art Gallery?

New Art Gallery is a brand-new concept in online galleries which promotes and sells the work of both established and up-and-coming artists, photographers and craftspeople, especially in the North of England.

By becoming a New Art Gallery Member you can, if you wish, also join our linked forum where members and buyers are able to develop a dialogue around the creative process and enhance the understanding and appreciation between artist and purchaser, thus developing a personal relationship which physical galleries find hard to achieve.

'Cool Pools'. Gerry Halpin, wall art and fine art prints

'Cool Pools', Gerry Halpin

Supersize wall art from the original painting

'Fairfield Horseshoe, Lake District'. A framed fine art print by Stephen Knowles

'Fairfield Horseshoe, Lake District', Stephen Knowles Photography

Framed and unframed fine art prints, stretched canvas wall art and fine art cards

Specialists in creating online galleries for creatives

Creating an online gallery and sales and payment platform is a highly effective way to market your work, yet many people feel daunted by the thought of doing it themselves, never mind maintaining it.

At New Art Gallery we take care of all that for you so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best – creating art that people will want to buy!

You’ll find our support comprehensive and easily affordable.

You can choose either to manage your own shop in the Gallery, adding or removing work as you see fit, or get us to do all this for you. Either way we always try to respond quickly to everyone and provide all the support needed.

Reaching a bigger market with New Art Gallery

The big advantage of New Art Gallery for you is that we actively and regularly promote both the New Art Gallery website and you as an artist.

We do this through a comprehensive social media strategy and by regular paid-for advertising campaigns.

In this way your work will come to the attention of a much wider audience than conventional ways of showing your art.

We have the facilities for you to sell either originals or fine art prints which we can make and deliver on your behalf. (Prints, by the way, are a rapidly growing and affordable segment of the art market).

'Freddie Mercury' by Chris Rowe. Print in room.

'Freddie Mercury'', Chris Rowe

Canvas art print from the original painting

'The Pike, Rivington' by Rosie Rimmer in room set

'The Pike, Rivington', Rosie Rimmer

Framed and unframed fine art prints, stretched canvas wall art and fine art cards

Submitting your work and how to photograph it

When sending us photographic files of your work, it’s very important to make sure they are of the best quality possible.

Especially if you are hoping to enjoy some print sales.

So our advice is to get your work professionally photographed by a photographer or digital copying studio that understands the requirements of copying work for reproduction.

It’s an investment that’s well worth it.

As a guide when discussing this with the photographer or studio we need a minimum of 6,000 pixels along the longest dimension of the work.

If you need any further advice on this then just phone or drop us an email.

Subscription packages to suit every pocket

We have three levels of subscription at New Art Gallery.

These are Bronze at £5 a month, Silver at £20 a month and Gold at £40 a month.

For each level there is a difference regarding the number of products for sale in your gallery, commission levels, social marketing exposure, full e-commerce service, independent website etc. Please see the tables below for full details.

Fees can be paid monthly by standing order or by a single payment for the full year.

For full details on each benefit please click on the description.

Once you have decided on your membership level, please fill in your details, submit it to us and we’ll be in touch!

Stunning Acrylic by David Ruaux on wall

'Early Morning Frost', David Ruaux

Framed and unframed fine art prints, stretched canvas wall art and fine art cards